Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Well, the laundry ain't getting done

So, I had forgotten the joys of cutting the first year molars. Apparently the symptoms are: whininess, nasty poop, no appetite, whininess, uncontrollable drooling, snot, whininess, suck everything I can get in my mouth, and did I say whininess? Well, let me just say if you don't have kids, had kids and forgot, or are currently with kids - the joys of teething are endless and should be experienced by everyone. :o)

I know you are wondering, Could anything make cutting the first year molars easier? Funny you should ask! YES! Another child with flu-like symptoms. Add that to the mix and you have a PARTY on your hands.

So, here is a to-not-do list for today. If you have never heard of a to-not-do list let this be your introduction. It is pretty self-explanatory and gets replaced with "1. Act as a nurse."

1. Laundry (see title)
2. Piggies and Paws prints
3. Purchasing for our house re-do (that one is okay because there is no money in the checking account anyway) ;o)
4. Any miscellaneous cleaning (which when I do it is pretty haphazard and unenthusiastic anyway)
5. Cooking
6. Make kids' follow-up dental appointments

So (and this mostly goes out to the other five people I live with - five of whom don't read the blog - so I am not sure how this will help them - but it will dang sure make me feel better), the laundry ain't getting done today and for dinner - how 'bout you help yourselves to some leftover Halloween candy? You don't need a fork or knife, there's plenty of it, and since I can't make your follow-up dental appointments the coast is clear for guilt-free eating.


Shannon said...

LMAO! Oh girl I hope the teething is over soon and the flu-like symptoms too. Remember whiskey helps. I understand that in the old days they used to rub it on the teething babies gums but I find just drinking it myself seems to help an awful lot. The whining isn't nearly so bad after a little drink! Kidding (sort of)

Monica said...

LMAO! ah, shannon. you have made me laugh out loud for the first time this morning. thank you, girl. don't have any whiskey, but might try a beer......later.........or not later! ;o) tee-hee. love you and miss you lots. thank GOD baby seems better this morning. she ate and is happily toddling around. still drooling like a mad woman and sucking on everything - but happy!

Jae said...

LOL! Absolutely hilarious!! Yes, I have kids and have forgotten (cuz God loves me!) about how sucky teething molars is. Thank goodness she's better today, as is the other girl at home sick ... praying the boy-child is feeling good soon too!