Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cutting the Apron Strings....Thread by Thread

Okay, so my kids are 7, 6, 5 and 1 so the cutting we are talking about here is minuscule comparatively. That being said, being that I am a total Law and Order FANATIC makes any kind of 'cutting of threads that tie me to my kids' extremely difficult. I experience anxiety about crazy things and constantly work to keep that at bay. So, it was with this slightly frantic frame of mind that I let my seven year old venture out last night on his first night without me or his dad.

First rule of Letting Your Kids Be Away From You With Other Parents - always, always, always know the parents you are entrusting with your child. Know their values, trust them, and know that they will protect your child......I had never meant them.

Second rule - don't start out with something really, really huge like going to a venue that seats - oh about 10,000??? Consider something smaller - like a birthday party.........He went to AT and T center.

Third rule - always discuss with your child your expectations for his behavior, stranger danger, etc., etc. CHECK! Did that! Drilled him for 8 days!!! Specifically for 8 days - otherwise my kids are drilled on this everyday of their lives. ;o)

The good news is that even though mom broke a few rules, it all turned out okay and bubby got to experience Walking With the Dinosaurs which we would never be able to afford to send him to. Yay Bubby! I hope to post pictures soon. :o)

I had to laugh at me and E. sitting on the couch watching yet another episode of Law and Order (me also praying constantly in my head), though, waiting for him to come home. It provided an eerie look into the future and I know I am not ready for that. Good thing this will come thread by thread. ;o)


Shannon said...

Just wait it gets better and better. You will be a nervous wreck when he is a teenager!

Jae said...

Awww!!! I have misty eyes now. Those last few sentences just got my heart strings (and fear and anxiety, UP!). How odd that must have been, and felt!!!

As always my dear, I agree with you 100% on your rules. I think I might start making a list of your rules, and hang them by my computer, and on the fridge, from your blog. :)

My therapist and I were discussing my kids becoming teens today - and all I can say is (a) thank GOD I'm a totally different person than my mother; and (b) thank GOD that grow and change with our kids, and are not given teens at birth. Otherwise, they, or we, would probably not make it. ;)

Monica said...

@ Shannon - oh, girl. I WILL be calling you! ;o)
@ Jessica - we were a pair - us two. It was pretty funny. I asked Ed if he was nervous and he said - a little. I, of course, was thinking of nothing but child slavery, abductions, dinosaurs going out of control and tearing into the audience.............I AM NOT looking forward to dating, driving, and anything else that may come along. I will certainly have a nervous breakdown. ;o)