Saturday, December 28, 2013

Further evidence

Santa brought Girl 2 an American Girl Doll movie for Christmas.  Santa was tired and shopping black Friday sales, so apparently he didn't realize that the movie was about bullying.  She is not struggling with bullying and doesn't really need this message, but (I guess) Santa was thinking ahead and wanted her to know how to deal with bullying should the need ever arise?  (Thanks, Santa.)

So, me and the girls were sitting around watching the movie and hubby passed by. 

He watched for about five minutes and witnessed about five incidences of fairly fierce mean girl bullying of the main character, Chrissa.

Then, he mumbled, "If that woulda been me, this woulda been a short movie."


Shannon said...

Oh I love your family. LOL!

monica said...

@Shannon - we seem to be on a mafia kick. today girl 3 pulled the mother of all mafia moves - cheating bubba and then getting rid of the evidence. cheesus help me. I may be moving into a mental hospital (or witness protection) sooner than anticipated.

Shannon said...

Boarding school, I'm telling you mine need to go to boarding school pronto before I completely loose my flipping mind. I have one all picked out, Now I just need to figure out how to pay for it.

WeezaFish said...

I am definitely with your Hubby on this one. Maybe he shouldn't watch movies like that, sounds like it upset him a bit :)


monica said...

@weezafish - he's old school gangsta! HAPPY NEW YEAR right back atcha! xoxo here's to health, prosperity, and peace in the new year (and a little blogging mojo wouldn't hurt!)!