Sunday, July 8, 2012

I'm getting back to you (you might want to write this on the calendar).

As you know, I have a habit of procrastination and leaving things in the lurch.  So, in the spirit of change (Huh?  What's that?) I thought I would bring you two updates.  Shocking, I know.

1.  The quick one first. The Keurig is indeed dead.  I will be calling customer service tomorrow when I have perfected the story I am going to tell them.  Not that it's not true.  Well kinda true.  Technically I guess it's a half truth.  And now I am hearing my dead mother's voice, "Half truth, half lie."  Thank you, Keurig for invoking my deceased mother to prove your point.  The situation in which I got the Keurig was kind of a backroom deal.  Of sorts.  Anyway.  I just needed a little time to decide what to say.  I'll keep you posted.  (And, you know how good I am about that.)

2.  Yes, the raccoons are still here.  They are low-key now.  I no longer go out to the Yukon Cornelius and find mounds of garbage strewn all over the yard.  It's more subtle (and, I like to think of them thinking of it as "discreet" and somewhat "friendly").  For example, yesterday I found simply a ripped Ziploc bag that had contained grapes that had gone bad right outside the garbage can.  The heavy, heavy rock was about six inches from the front of the can.  It looked as if all the grapes were still in the bag.  Apparently, raccoons don't like moldy grapes.  Sorry, raccoons.

I am seeing our relationship as more of a test now.  They are testing my fortitude and ability to consume everything in my fridge.  I am testing their brute strength and persistence.

Some of you (I think one person?  And, that person could be a figment of my imagination.) wondered if I had any photographic examples of what was happening.  So, I snapped this photo a while back just for you guys.

Notice how the rock is in place and there is still trash?  (That's when we realized the raccoons had moved on to the neighbor's trash can.  And then we put a rock on that one.)

2.  Remember when I re-did my girls' room like I was some kind of reject from Design on a Dime auditions?  I told you how miserable I was at decorating and crafting?  And I gave you teaser photos of what was to come?  Well, it's been done for ages now and I thought I'd give you a few photos of the finished product and a budget breakdown like the TV show.  But, then I lost all the receipts.  So, you are just getting photos and know that the complete re-do cost less than the two computers that hubby bought right after I was done. 

I realize that most people will look at these photos and think, "Meh."  But, know that I do not finish much anything.  In fact, this room might well be the only room in my house that is "finished."  And, it will probably stay this way until the girls move out.  Plus, I picked everything myself (so please don't tell me if you hate it or if it is totally uncoordinated).

The new bunk beds.  And the radiating light from the new ceiling fan.  Thank you, hubby.

The view from the top bunk.  See all of our new organization?  I am scared of heights, so you're welcome.

The new hanging thing to hang all the things.

The room from the door.  Really, really bad lighting and not-so-great camera. 
My kids are going to camp this coming week, so I'll be blogging everyday I am going to get some work done.  Have a great week!


jamiew said...

perhaps they are not raccoons at all, maybe it's a poltergeist?
just a thought.

Mind Margins/Run Nature said...

Love what you've done in the girls' bedroom. Cute!

Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

I think the room looks great. Enjoy camp this week. Now that is a vacation.

Gretchen said...

Half Truth Half Lie would be an excellent name for a blog...I love the color scheme in the girls' room. Not only is it pretty and cheerful, it isn't childish so can take them through their teens. So, with luck, you won't have to do it again!

Monica said...

@jamiew- poltergeist! why didn't i think of that??? @mindmargins, leigh, and gretchen - THANK YOU! i love the girls room (mainly because it's done). it has become my happy place. and the girls are young enough to still like me, so they don't seem to mind that i am in their room all the time. ;o)

Anonymous said...

The room looks fabulous! And I'm not just saying that! ~whatimeant2say

Monica said...

whatimeant2say - THANKS!

Nomads By Nature said...

1. Backroom deal as in it 'fell of the truck' and landed in some speakeasy type market where there was a bouncer at the door and a secret password? If not, your receipt should be just fine to justify a warranty replacement.

2. Glad the raccoons have taken note and cleaned up their act to be better neighbors. The poltergeist is an interesting theory. I think somebody, maybe even that friendly poltergeist, peed around the trashcans as a deterrent?? Don't blame you if you let that detail go, though. Not something you would want on the record should life progress in some way that it could be used against you.

Your second 2 (you need a functional coffee machine, my dear, it is affecting your counting) -- I do really love how your girls' bedroom turned out. Pink and orange are a great color combination -- very sunrise/sunset and always delightful! Well done!

And although this is a looong response I have a new theory to propose. Maybe the lack of coffee grounds in your garbage are what is causing the raccoons to be more demure in their foraging activities???

Monica said...

@nomads - oh, you crack me up! no peeing was done that i know of, but hubby has been rather silent on the raging raccoon other news - my new keurig just arrived, so i will try to be more diligent about errors in numbering in the future. ;o) we'll see if the raccoons like the return of the keurig. thanks for the compliments on the girls' room. i really love it, too. :D