Thursday, July 19, 2012

Are you there Blog? It's me Monica.

Here's a short list of why there have been no postings this week.

1.  The three year old finally has the hang of sleeping in.  So, I have gotten no wake-up call in the morning.  My days have started about an hour later, causing me to spend the entire day trying to catch up by one hour.  Yes, it can drive one crazy.

2.  Boy Child was warned at the beginning of the summer not to lose his:  goggles, swim shoes, regular shoes, swim shirt, or swim bag.  He managed to lose the goggles the first week, left one swim shoe at the river the last time we went, wore his regular shoes for swim shoes on our most recent trip to the river, and now they stink like river (go figure?), can't find his swim shirt, and managed to hold on to his swim bag (albeit empty) the entire time.  After some serious responsibility talks with him (or should I just say with me and myself since he obviously pays me no mind?), much of my week has been spent buying him new sh*t.

3.  The DayintheLife family has planned a summer vacation for 2012.  I procrastinated until summer was half over, but alas it's done.  We are officially vacationing.  The planning took approximately 5.8 hours.

4.  My actual work has been insanely busy this summer.  Most years people vacation during the summer and few people email me or call me.  Apparently this summer has been an exception to the rule because now everyone wants to just keep calling me.  Great for business, bad for my blog.

5.  I cleaned every cupboard in my kitchen.  Granted this has taken about 5 weeks total (so I suspect the cupboard I started with is now disgustingly sticky and disorganized again, but frankly I don't give a damn), but it is done!  Well, except for about three that I don't use too much.  Kidding!  I use them all the time, but they might not get done until next summer. 

6.  Girl 1 had a growth spurt since summer started (who does that???).  This required new clothes.  The kind that fit.  This required a trip to Old Navy and lots of trying on, and primping in front of the mirror (that's fairly new behavior), and seeing what she liked, and screaming at the three year old who kept opening the changing room door while she was naked, and generally just lots and lots of time.

7.  I've tried to organize a few things in my house.  This is painful and time consuming for me.  It's a little like that book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  I started one day by finally purchasing an organization method for hubby's business crap papers.  This quickly led to a look-see through the papers.  Which led to sticky notes to him of "Do you need this paper???"  Which led to a complete inventory of everything in the desk where said papers were being held.  Which led to me having a complete melt-down and drinking a beer at the kitchen table which was covered in papers.  You get the picture.

I could lie and say I am going to blog more faithfully  now, but it would be just that.  A lie. 

P.S. - I give complete credit to a good friend for the title of this post.  And, if that good friend is reading - wanna just write the title and post next time?  Please and thank you!


Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

So, give the scoop on where you will vacation.

I don't think I knew you had a business. Share if you can.

I've decided that I am now worn out from summer.

Monica said...

Hi Leigh! We are vacationing at what became a favorite last summer (even though I abhor repeat vacations - I was outvoted) - Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine. Last year we did the little Legoland there in addition to the Lodge (and a visit to my in-laws who live near there). This year we are doing the train ride over to the stockyards and just meeting my in-laws there. As far as my business, I do a few things. I am an artist for Piggies and Paws. I am also (new) a True Colors consultant Prints have kept me incredibly busy and now I am busy planning a few presentations. This coupled with four kids is - CA-RAZY. ;o) I miss my blog and all my reading blogs!!!

Shannon said...

Good grief! Hope it gets better and you enjoy your vacation. Colin has the same issues as his bro except every time he can't find something he blames Grayson as in I can't find (insert whatever is mission) Grayson took it!!!!

Gretchen said...

I am amazed that you can do any art while you have a house full of kids. I hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Crack You Whip said...

Life gets busy during the summer between vacations and kids. During the winter, I will be all be huddled up by the fire reading blogs. Can't wait for winter!

The post title was good, that is what caught my attention!

Monica said...

@shannon - m. lost his goggles again today - only briefly. girl THREE found them downriver. SHEESH. he has "misplaced" his brandspankinnew water shoes. UGH. @gretchen - clearly i can work in a zoo. @crack the whip - thanks for the read and comment. i always have more time in the winter, but i do love the summers. :o)

Anonymous said...

Gosh - your summer sounds like mine. Without the completion of any tasks and minus a couple of children. Oh, and no vacation either. Okay. Your summer is nothing like mine.
Oh - and I see from one of your responses that you do Piggies and Paws SO I THINK YOU MAY HAVE DONE MY DAUGHTER'S PIGGIES A FEW YEARS AGO. Which makes this a very small world indeed.
Hope you are having a great vacation!

Monica said...

@whatimeant2say - NO WAY! okay. if i did your girl's prints i am going to say that is a small world. are the initials on the print "MD???" (not that i'm a doctor, i just play one on my blog.) ;o) summer has been super nuts. i MISS all my blogs on my blogroll. gonna get to reading tonight.