Friday, June 1, 2012

Like me. Please?

I just bought two bathing suits, so I have a great story for you (unfortunately, it's mostly true).  But, it will have to wait until I am over this migraine.  Apparently there has been a recall on Excedrin Migraine (or at least that's what the poor guy at the grocery told me after I practically beat him down with my purse - because I had a migraine - why else would I be that upset over an Excedrin Migraine recall???), so I am treating the current one with beer.  It is not working and now I am feeling sick to my stomach.

Sickly stomach does not go good with bathing suit humor.  So, just know that I am thinking about all of you, but my head has got to stop hurting before I can tell you about the man (not my husband) who almost saw me naked by accident (he has probably not stopped thanking Jesus for the almost).

In the meantime, please go like my page on Facebook?  Please?  And, yes, I am begging.!/monicaadayinthelife.  When I learn how I will do Facepile and you can see all the other drop dead gorgeous, smart, and incredibly wealthy Facebook users who also like my page. 

Until then, just know that you are the elites (and, also you can be thankful you did not almost see me naked by accident).  Thank you and you're welcome.


WeezaFish said...

Shame, feel better soon lady. I wanna hear the funny story!

Heather said...

Did you know that Excedrin Migraine is exactly the same ingredient-wise as Extra Strength Excedrin? I know this and yet I still purchase the more expensive Excedrin Migraine because I'm convinced they're hiding something from me and there's no way the Extra Strength with the same ingredients will actually banish my migraine. NO. WAY. (I'm also going to go take stock of my Excedrin Migraine stash because I don't think I can survive a recall on this stuff.)

Monica said...

@Heather did not know that - and I'm the same way!!! (And thanks for the reads and comments!)