Saturday, August 27, 2011

Undying Love and Amazon Cloud or Nothing As Sweet As the First Time

Now you may be thinking you are about to read a post about hot steamy ah-hem, but 1.  Get your mind outta the gutter, and 2.  You should know by now that I am freakishly prudish and would never write about that.  No, today's post is going to be about how I found love in technology after 20+ years with my polar opposite and how you can, too.  I know, not nearly as exciting, but you're stuck with it.

Let me just give you some of my quick marriage history in case you are "new".  I have known my husband since ninth grade.  I have known that we are as opposite as Bono and Barry Manilow for about that long, too.  So, naturally when hubby wants me to try things, do things, listen to music he likes, and generally do what he likes to do it is perfectly natural that.......I would rather poke my eyes out with sharp sticks.  That being said, we have been married longer than Abraham, so we have found a way to work that.  That brings us to about a year ago when he started asking me if I thought I might like to listen to music while I am running.  And my immediate response was, ""  He said, "Well, just think about it."  And then later (after I'd had about 5 minutes to think about it) I said, "I think I'd rather run with heavy weights on my ankles."

Remember I said opposite?  This guy listens to music from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to sleep (notice I did not say bed because he goes to bed with ear buds).  I really don't care to listen to music most of the time (unless I am, say, ON THE DANCE FLOOR).  It's not that I don't like music.  I do.  I have favorite bands, I try to stay current so as not to embarrass my children, and I can even (on occasion) tell you who sings a song (as long as the singer is prolific like Madonna or Prince or Ozzy not someone obscure or someone who can be easily confused with someone else like Madonna, Prince, or Ozzy), but other than that you can usually find me doing something else.

Hubby is also a repository of Music Trivia.  And when I say, "He's good."  I mean, "He's good like Google or"  A million years ago when we were dating he made me mix tapes all the time which I listened to.  Nowadays I just use him for his infinite knowledge.  I have been known to ask him at odd times (shouted from the bathroom, texted from my phone while I am grocery shopping, right before I fall asleep, right when I wake up), "Hey, babe, who sings that song blah, blah, blah."  Now, remember I am no music connoisseur so often times my questions go specifically something like, "Hey, babe, who sings that song that says something about a girlfriend and a month of the year, but I can't remember which one, I think it was in winter, and it's kind of like a disco dance remix and his voice kind of sounds like he's talking like a robot?"

And I KID YOU NOT (you would actually have to witness this - and some have - to believe it) hubby will cock his head slightly to the left, question me a little (Oh could you mistake it for say the B52's?  And does it also say something about sentimental?  To which I will say "Um, yeah, right.'), and then you can almost hear this clicking sound in his brain and then he'll say, "Yeah, I think that's blah, blah, blah.  I think I have that right here."  At which point he will grab his iTouch, iPad, phone, whatever and click some more and I am HEARING THE SONG.  It's like uncanny and the most magic I usually see in a week.

Incidentally this is number #547 of why I am still married to him.  (I make this list in my head - so it's #1 to you.)

So, as you may have guessed a few weeks after he asked me if I wanted to listen to music while running, he bought me an armband thingie and made me a 2011 "mix tape" called a "Playlist."  That was about six months ago and today (since I am half-assedly training for a third-marathon) I decided to give that thing a whirl.  I found some ear buds, strapped on that armband thingie and set off to run.

Keep in mind I've been a runner for longer than I've known hubby and today was the first day I have ever run with music.  Until today I truly thought I would prefer to run and just think (we all know how much I love to do that).  I also have been known to use this time to pray (before you snicker, just know I might be saying a rosary for you and if you are one of my faithful readers you probably need a rosary said for you).  Well, let's just say you might need to get your own connection with The Almighty now  because I might be addicted to running with music.

Because I love you and I want to share the deep and personal experience I had this morning of being in love and knowing that I married right, I am going to allow you an intimate view of my personal life.  No, it's not a video camera in the bedroom - it is a look at My RunRun Playlist incredibly NOT made by me, but made by hubby (that's where the love and marriage counseling come in)!  Consider it an early Christmas gift from me to you and you can thank me later.

I am linking these up so that if you already know the song you can jam out to it, and if you don't know the song you can consider broadening your horizons just a wee bit.

Here goes, run along with me:

1.  Gold Digger Kayne West Ft. Jamie Foxx.  Now before you start preaching to me about Kayne West, let me just tell you I LOVE THIS SONG.  Hubby knows my overall feelings about Kayne, but he also knows that I love this song.  I would NEVER have met this song if it weren't for him.  Thank you hubby.  We are off to a great start.
2.  Gold Watch Lupe Fiasco.  So, here's the thing about my husband.  He knows me THROUGH and THROUGH.  He knows that I love Lupe Fiasco (could be because I say it a lot), but here's the thing:  My FAVORITE song is The Show Goes On.  Hubby knows this which is why he didn't put that song on there (or at least that is what I am telling myself as I am well into my second hill).  He put a different song on there that is equally grand if not better so that I can broaden my horizons.  I LIKE your thinking, babe.
3.  Heaven Los Lonely Boys.  Now this song just takes me back.  It's a little slow for running, but I can see hubby thinking of me while he downloaded this song onto my playlist. 
4.  Hi-Definition (feat. Snoop Dogg and Pooh E).  Oh, man.  Just click the song.  Lupe and Snoop???  Heaven.
5.  Paradise City Guns N' Roses  As soon as this started playing I actually may have forgotten that I was running.  Now, this just proves that hubby is an oldie but a goodie.  AND I will let you in on a teensy secret that few have been lucky enough to witness:  Hubby does a MEAN Axle dance impersonation.  Picturing this actually made me sprint.
6.  Red Red Wine UB40.  So, this could be hubby's only Mix Tape Faux Pas and I blame it on him not actually being a runner.  This song could have actually slowed me down and I am pretty sure it made me want to go home and smoke a.........cigarette.
7.  Rapper's Delight.  Sugarhill Gang.  Oh my.  I almost cried when this song came on!  If you are not a runner - play this song and you almost will HAVE to run.  "Ho-tel, mo-tel Holiday Inn..."  Tell me that doesn't make you wanna run???  Hubby, I think I love you.
8.  Rehab.  The late Amy Winehouse.  Wow.  I almost felt like saying a rosary when this came on.  Who knew she'd be dead when I played this song on my mix tape???  It was creepy and spiritual all at the same time.
9.  Ride With Me.  Nelly.  MUST BE THE MONEY.  Love.  This.  I did feel a little like smoking again though.  Just sayin'.
10.  Run Around.  Blues Traveler.  Totally unexpected after Nelly.  Great move, babe.  You know just how to mix it up! 

Okay.  That's not all, but that's all I'm gonna give you.  I did run for one hour and fifteen minutes after all and I don't want to totally bore you.  Just know that when I was literally BREAKING DOWN.  Saint of Me by the Rolling Stones came on.  Hubby must know that Mick Jagger is possibly the only man that could make me keep running when my knees are screaming, "STOP or we are QUITTING."  Before you leave me a comment saying that this may be just like a date night and not a true key to a Happy Marriage.  Dont' worry!  I have already thought of that.  I know that tomorrow when I hear UB40 I may actually be annoyed.  But, that's where the second part of the title comes in.  I will always think back to the first time I heard the Playlist and I will have to smile because hubby loves me!

So, if want to stay married more than 20 years I have just a little advice for you.  Get out there and make your spouse a mix tape.  Or, if it's your spouse that's the music addict tell him/her you want a mix tape.  And then start running or doing whatever you do.  That's all I got for today.  Happy Mixin'!  And, you can thank me later for saving your marriage.  ;o)


Shannon said...

OK girlie I have known you for what feels like forever but you are scaring me here. Did you know I have known Dave since NINTH grade???? Did you know he is a music freak and ALWAYS knows who sings what song and often what year it came out? Did you know he listened to music all the freaking live long day, although no ear buds at bedtime thank heavens. He constantly comes in the kitchen when I am cooking and switches my NPR (!!!!) to his playlist and although it always annoys the living shit out of me it always makes me feel better about 10 minutes later when I catch my self singing along and dancing as I cook. And one of the kids favorite games is to asks Dad who sings this song and he is always always right. Kinda creepy,right? Give every my love to everyone.

Hey new thought! Does E have an iPhone? or is it just smart phone? If he has an iPhone we can FaceTime and let the boys FaceTime too! They will love it. If not you HAVE to get Skype! FaceTime is better quality video from here though.

Monica said...

well, i knew you had known each other for a scarily long time and i knew that you guys were pretty much polar opposites. i DID not know about dave's music love. ed knows not to touch my NPR so he just puts on his itouch so that we are competing. highly annoying, but i do find myself muting my NPR to listen to his music. ;o) and i must say ed keeps me musically current and for that i am thankful. ;o) miss y'all. no, no iphone, just smart phone. i am going to remind him to download skype. he is wanting to change to an iphone, though, so i will also tell him about the facetime. huge hugs miss y'all LOTS. m.

Anonymous said...

Great Post! It's in all the details that we love our spouses. So glad you found my blog, because it led me here.