Monday, October 18, 2010

October? Say what?

Hello, friends. Long time no write. Sad, sad, sad. My blog is suffering from a serious case of lack of attention. :o( It's not because I haven't been thinking of my blog. I just am a little short on time right now. But, I have had such write worthy occurrences. I so need to write about customer service and how it really, really almost drove me insane. I need to write about Reggie from AT&T and how he deserves a fist bump in a big way. I wish I knew him so I could bake him a cake or something. I need to write about how I have almost gone 365 days without being able to hold a real conversation with my mom. And how it has changed me. And how I still miss her. I need to write about life with four kids who are growing up way too fast and how I am not sure sometimes where we are going or where we have come from. I need to write about fall and how I love it and how it smells good (before it isn't fall anymore). I need to write about sisters. I need to write about the great books I have read and how I have thought about them so much. Ah, but there are a million prints on my desk and they are calling my name. So, for right now I will just have thoughts running around in my head and hope that soon I will have a little more time to write. But, just know that I am missing you sweet blog. I will get back to you soon and hopefully it will be great. :o)

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Shannon said...

I miss your writing and hope you get to the point you have a little time to write soon. Hang in there!