Friday, July 2, 2010


It is a dark dream. There is gray everywhere and it might be drizzling. I am swimming in some sort of channel and it smells like seaweed. I don't remember any dreams with scent. I remember him being in the dream, but I don't know if he is swimming with me or waiting for me. Because it is a dream I have my favorite pillow with me in the water. It is waterlogged and heavy. Strangely, I am clinging to it as if it is a treasure. Either my pillow or apprehension is dragging me down. I reach a point where there is a huge concrete form resembling a buried tower in the water. I sense that it is impassable. I know that the waters beyond this barrier deepen dangerously. I cannot see around the blockage because it is dark. In my dream I can make decisions easily and so I seamlessly decide to turn and get out of the water to remain safe. But, I notice that the edge of the channel type waterway in which I am swimming is lined with beautifully cut tiles that are a wonderfully rich shade of orange. They look slick and slippery from the water. I am eased somewhat to see a change in my drab surroundings yet nervous at what it could mean. Fortunately it is easy for me to get out of the water and I am relieved....except I drop my pillow. As I watch it swirl away into the deep waters I carefully go back down the slick tiled edge and attempt to reach and grab it. I remember briefly how much I love it and why. But, in the end I let it float away.

As I am floating out of this dream in between the subconscious and wakefulness trying groggily to prevent the unraveling of memory, I hear a voice. It says, "I had a nightmare." In my foggy mind I think, could you have been swimming in that channel with me? Did I let you go? Then I slowly open my eyes and I am hugely relieved to see and soak in your beautiful huge eyes staring frighteningly at me. I know that you are safe....for now.

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