Wednesday, July 7, 2010

four summers

your skin smells like water and strawberries.
your hair is slightly stiff and smells faintly of shampoo and a lot like river and sweat.
your feet are dark and dirty.
your hands are pruned from swimming.
your smile is a white spot on your dark face.

as i hold your beautiful face in my two hands i try to drink you in because i know this will not last long.

it is summer and i love you.

all four of you.


Shannon said...

I am still reading love the blog make over. Your writing is so beautiful. Makes me wonder what I am thinking taking the next year to work on my writing. You have so much more talent than I do.

Monica said...

oh, friend. you are too kind. talent cannot and should not be compared. ;o) but, i must say - i like the makeover, too. been wanting to do it for a while and finally got around to it.

Jae said...

Love it!! :)

Love the new look too!