Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Daily Grind

Well, after my TV debut (even if it was just my hands) I am having a teensy bit of trouble going back to the Daily Grind, or the chaos that is my life. Can you imagine what a full-blown date with fame would have done? Thank God we didn't have that. The house would be a true disaster. After a whirlwind April, I am trying to get back into my routine of writing, cooking, cleaning, and staying close to my print schedule. Since the whirlwind is not quite done yet (I am looking at the family calendar and seeing many nasty penciled-in activities for the month of May) this is not an easy task. Ah, well. I am persisting.

That's it for my writing today since baby is becoming restless, there is the aftermath of breakfast in the sink, there are two loads of laundry calling my name, baby is probably going to want breakfast, there is the trunk full of organizational systems needing to be exchanged (yes, I am still redoing my downstairs - thank you very much), there is one swimsuit piece that needs to be exchanged, a P.O. to be completed, and there is that desparately needed shower. But, before I sign off - I will comment on a blog post reference from my good friend and wonderfully talented blog writer, Shannon. I too want to strangle people when they say, "What do you do all day???"


Shannon said...

Hey pencil me in a phone call next week then let me know when it is OK to call.

Melissa Galban said...

How about when at dinner a while back, can't remember how old Tristan was(he's 13 now) he said "Mom you don't do anything any way" You should of seen the look on hubby's face. It was priceless. He knew that wasn't going to fly. He started explaining to the kids all that I do for them. I saw the light bulb turn on.