Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Marathon training. It's hard work, y'all.

This post is dedicated to all the people who have supported me during the training period for my marathon.  I couldn't do it without y'all.

So, the marathon starts in two days.  Here's what I've been doing to train.

1.  Gradually increasing the time that I watch TV. 

2.  Staying up consistently past 10:00 p.m.

3.  Eating a variety of foods consistent with a 'marathon body,' i.e. popcorn, peanuts, ice cream, chocolate, Dagwood sandwiches, Doritos, etc.

4.  Watching the last few episodes of Season 1.  If you remember I learned the importance of this training technique when Season 2 of House of Cards came out and I'd forgotten all of Season 1 so I had to waste time watching Season 1 again and all of the people passed me for Season 2 and I probably came in last for viewing time.  So annoying and totally preventable.

5.  Finding comfortable positions on the couch in order to avoid marathon injury.  (Hubby:  We may need to buy a new couch in the next two days.)

6.  Buying the proper shoes and clothes.  The importance of shoes and clothes during a marathon cannot be discounted.  Here's some quick and super easy advice from a 'professional.'  Choose clothes that are comfortable, loose fitting (see #3) and that are easy to get off (see #7).  Choose shoes that are soft and easy to kick off (see #5).

7.  Practicing peeing in less than five seconds and researching catheters.  (Kidding!)

8.  Finding everything I can on the interwebs about characters so that I can fully understand what I'll be up against.

9.  Buddying up with like-minded friends so that I can have encouragement and solidarity along the way.  (Research shows that this is really important for marathons, y'all.)

10.  Lastly, preparing my family for the test of my endurance the lies ahead.

It's all about the training.  Are you with me?


Nomads By Nature said...

You are so totally going to nail this and I predict you will even beat your best time by minutes. Pacing yourself is the key and then the full on sprint toward the finish line. Good luck, ADITL. Stay strong.

Megly Mc said...

I just finished episode 4!!! Heading into 5...can't wait to see what Red is up to.

Megly Mc said...

Finished last night! Less than 48 hours...DONE! (swigs electrolytes)

Monica said...

@nomads - oh my goodness. "ADITL." how much do I love that??? can you please write my blog from now on? @meglymc - you are a god. goddess. it's worth saying again: i have a huge girl crush, non-lesbian, internet based, non-habit-forming, hero worship crush on you. my next post will i hope explain why my marathons dreams have been crushed and it's going to be a rather long recovery period.

Megly Mc said...

LMAO...I am both ridiculously flattered and unworthy. Although the fact that my sitting on my ass for 13 hours gets me praise...this might be my greatest accomplishment to date! :)

Jessica said...

I'm feeling the hole that finishing season 2 in a week has left ... also? i'm almost done with Fringe. Thank GAWD Hemlock Grove starts on the 11th.

Monica said...

@Jessica - I am ashamed to say that I am STILL not done with OITNB. it has been a complete letdown for me and I don't know if I will finish it. first summer was derailed and then i didn't think it was nearly as good as season 1, so it's just been s l o w train. i am unbelievably excited about season 4 of the killing, though! a girl can still dream!!!