Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fairy Tales for $10,000.

So, Girl 3 and I were at Costco when we saw this ginormous stock pot.

Being the non-cook that I am I guess I'll have to agree with Girl 3 on this one.
Girl 3 said, "What is THAT for?"

I said, "I have no idea."

To which Girl 3 said, "Well, I do.  It's for witches.  When they cook children."


Shannon said...

Oh my gosh, how much do I love her???!!!!!????

jamiew said...

She is spot on. perhaps she has firsthand experience with this?

Monica said...

@Shannon - enough to let her go home with you this summer? ;O) JK. I'd miss her. @Jamie - she seems to have firsthand experience with a lot of things. frightening and amazing to her mother. ;o)

Shannon said...

Sure I'll be happy to take her if you take at least one of my boys, any one of them, i don't even care which one, just take one. Maybe two.

Mind Margins said...

Oh gosh! Such an imagination. Wonder where she gets that from? We have a pot like this that we now use for crawfish boils. My kids are grown so we no longer need it for "other things."

Monica said...

@mind margins - she *might* watch too much TV due to a mother who is lax on the rules? ;o)