Monday, April 8, 2013

The more things change..........

Me:  What?  Annette Funicello died today, too?  And Margaret Thatcher?  They're dropping like flies.

Hubby:  Yeah.  I saw that.

Me:  I thought Annette was dead?

Hubby:  Yeah.  Me, too.

Time for a reblog......from my own blog.  And when I looked back in the files I saw that I had been awarded The Versatile Blogger Award.  Two years ago.  And I missed it. 

Someone thought I was worthy, and I MISSED it.  So, check out the lovely lady that awarded me.  I am sorry to be so thankless two years ago.  Please know that now - I thank you from the depths of my heart.  As per the award - please check out my sidebar for all the blogs I love (nearly all of them have shelves - or rooms - dedicated to their writing awards).  Until I need a shelf or a room, I have put my two awards on my sidebar for safe keeping.

The reblog.  Enjoy!

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