Thursday, March 21, 2013

Waiting for Superman? Nah. I'm just waiting to find a $20 in my pocket.

I wrote this post a long time ago and today I was reminded of it when I was listening to NPR and someone made a reference to the movie.  So, since I am still in season 2 of The Killing, I decided to just finish this up and post it.

Disclaimer - I have never seen Waiting for Superman because I have a hard and fast rule against watching documentaries.  I watched Food, Inc. and then I felt compelled to completely change the way I eat.  So, I figure I've done my documentary deed for my life.

This isn't about the movie.  I want to watch the movie.  I've heard it's good. 

It's the title of the movie that intrigues me (but, again, not enough yet to actually watch the movie).

Waiting for Superman?  Well, I'm waiting for a lot of things, too.  But, Superman is not on my list.

1.  I'm waiting to win the lottery.  This is somewhat insane since I have never played the lottery.
2.  I'm waiting to figure out what to do with the rest of my life.
3.  I'm waiting for my kids to miraculously do their chores without being reminded.
4.  I'm waiting for my retirement so that I can learn to craft better.  Or craft at all.
5.  I'm waiting for a real job from which I can retire.
6.  I'm waiting for anyone to carry what's on the stairs (directly blocking every one's path) up or down the stairs to where that crap goes.
7.  I'm waiting on my family to learn that the toilet paper goes OVER the roll, not under the roll.
8.  I'm waiting on my family to replace the toilet paper roll.
9.  I'm waiting on my four year old kids to learn inside voices.
10.  I'm waiting for Cesar Millan to come over and train my dog.
11.  And on that same note, I'm waiting to be in a tight situation so that Jim Caviezel (John, not Jesus) can come and kick some a$$ on my behalf.

Person of Interest "John?  It's me, Ms. Day In The Life.  I'm waiting on you to come get me outta this jam."


jamiew said...

i'm waiting for some coffee.
(that's a hint: let's have another coffee chat soon!)

Monica said...

@jamiew - i was forced (by my own hand) to eat russell stover chocolate last night. so, we better make it quick as i am clearly going down on a sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

Based on experience, I am pretty sure #11 will happen way before #3 occurs. As for me, I'm waiting for Wonderbutt to stop dragging dish towels out to his Poop Pen - or for my family to stop leaving dish towels in his reach. Replacing these is starting to become a bit expensive.

Organic Hispanic said...

@whatimeant2say - actually if 11 happened at all and 3 never happened - i could die happy. i am pretty taken by john. ;o)

Monica said...

@whatimeant2say - oops. that was me logged in as my hubby.

Monica said...

good thing fewer than 10 people read my blog or comments because i think i just made it look like hubby has the hots for john. well, john is kinda that good looking. sorry, hubby?

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I love Person Of Interest. Hope you are well,.

Nomads By Nature said...

Totally get and agree with 1 through 10, but I am totally lost on number #11. Should I be worried that I am uncool not knowing any bit of the references?

Monica said...

nomads - here's the skinny: "person of interest" is a really, really great show if you like hot guys, intrigue, smarts, and a little bit of kungfu badass. i really don't know what kind of tv you can get there, but if you can get this show - you simply must watch it. john caviezel plays one of the main characters. they are always picking up pay phones to answer these computer generated calls (it's kinda complicated). anyway - it's a good show. if you watch it and you don't like it - it won't have been a total loss because you'll have an hour or so of some nice eye candy. ;o)

Nomads By Nature said...

Thanks for helping me reclaim my cool! About the only thing I watch is NCIS and that is delayed because of where we are. Seriously. Our t.v. is hooked up to nothing but a DVD, Wii, and Kinetic thingy the kids use every now on a weekend. Will have to look into your suggestion!