Thursday, December 13, 2012

Is Christmas early this year? Or, is it just me?

CHEEZUS, people.  Short list:

1.  Buy presents.

2.  Wrap them.

3.  Make consolidated list with which to buy presents.

4.  Do not get distracted.

5.  Work out in preparation for another eating binge to rival Thanksgiving 2012 dubbed "Eatageddon".

6.  Buy soon to be 11 year old (when did that happen?) presents for his FIVE DAYS.  *hit.

7.  Find out what said soon to be 11 year old wants.

8.  Learn to count on a list.

7.  Do not get distracted.

8.  Make a list for making the list.

9.  Drink a beer...or possibly a shot would be better?  In the head?

10.  Look at the calendar and see exactly when Christmas is.

11.  Have a panic attack because there is no way all of this is going to get done and spend the rest of the day being distracted and overwhelmed.

Shoot me.  Now.


Shannon said...

I agree with all of the above, except for by boy child present. Did that on already, still need to wrap it though. Good luck! We are going to need it!

jamiew said...

cheezus loves you
(that should help you, right?)

Nomads By Nature said...

AMEN AND SING IT LOUD!! Hubs birthday is just prior to Christmas, and both kids come soon enough after that planning (I coughed when I wrote that) is critical, yet I hardly ever am that organized. I like to believe that I am better on the spur, which is a great plug for procrastination is good for your creativity and helps to kill the devilish inner perfectionist which isn't what Christmas is about, really. That's what I tell myself and why I don't look at calendars until really the kids are almost out of school, the advent calendar is on its last week, and action of some sort is truly necessary. Sending you some Christmas cheer, whether in a shot or a bottle, and best wishes for the tasks at hand!

LSS said...

Hey! The family calendar didn't make the list??!! You better start another one!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, gosh, I was feeling all fine and perfectly organized until I read your post. Now I'm totally panicked.

When is Christmas, anyway?