Sunday, September 2, 2012

First Week of School 2012-2013 Realities

1.  Come Thursday of the first week of school, I will not be able to process a single coherent thought.
2.  With each child I will take less photos (if any), less enthusiastically.
3.  Fifth grade is not for the weak (teachers or students...or parents).
4.  I have changed my "employment" status (again) to "Self employed."  And, although it is not entirely accurate, I like it.
5.  I *might have been* at school this first week as much as the principal.  (She and I discussed this in depth.)
6.  There is not much accomplished during Meet the Teacher each year.  I am less and less motivated to attend.  (This is no fault of the teachers or staff.)
7.  P.T.A.
8.  P.T.A. fund raiser (at least it's chocolate this year?)
9.  P.T.A. chocolate fund raiser.  I mean, really?  Are they trying to kill me personally?
10.  It's Sunday morning at 11:37 a.m. after the first week of school.  I have not brushed my teeth, I still have the clothes on that I slept in, I have managed to read many more pages of the fabulous book I am reading, I have not even stepped out of the house to get the paper, I have had enough sleep, and I am thinking I *might* be able to survive the second week of school.


jamiew said...

i thought about putting "lifestyle coach" as my employment, but my husband was looking over my shoulder.
the chocolate is gonna kill me.

Monica said...

i've often thought of "becoming" a lifestyle coach. maybe we should form some sort of business and you can give the organization/fashion coaching and i can give the quityerbitchinandstartyerworkin' coaching?

Leigh Powell Hines (Hines-Sight Blog) said...

Feel your pain.

jamiew said...

good cop & bad cop!

Monica said...

@leigh - yes. me thinks our boats are in the same ocean right now. @jamie - yes. but, wait. am i the bad cop??? because i could get to like that. i'd be like ice t and he is HAWT, so i guess i like that.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I haven't even thought about fund raisers, yet. I think I will have to personally hunt down our PTA Board if it's anything food related. Unless it's hummus or rice cakes or something...

Mind Margins said...

I was a fifth grade teacher for most of my 20 year career. Bless you! It is, indeed, not for the weak or feint of heart (but it was still my favorite grade, as a kid and as a teacher). Glad you survived the first week of school, Meet the Teacher, and PTA!

Monica said...

@whatimeant2say - please rescue me from our PTA fund raiser (which i *think* i was supposed to go to the school to PICK UP today???). it's World's Famous Chocolates (which it is decidedly NOT - we all know that's Godiva). lord help me. i'm gonna get fat and lose what little money i have. @mind margins - bless you for having taught fifth. it taught fifth ONE summer and decided they were too tall...and sassy mouthed. so, i went back to fourth and stayed there. boy child's teacher seems of the "middle school mind" and i really got a good first impression. now, as for boy child he: 1. forgot his homework the first week, 2. had to redo his homework twice today, and 3. lost his Meet the Teacher treat bag AT MEET THE TEACHER. :o( if he MAKES it out of fifth grade - it will be a success!