Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ten Four Good Buddy

Ed has the kids' Christmas walkie talkies out and is "testing" them. He has all four of them powered up and is seeing how he will put them in the stockings for his grand plan. The last I heard was, "Breaker, breaker this is Santa coming through..................Moni, are you there?........................Moni, are you there?" Me after I figure out how to work one of the three walkie talkies he has now placed next to my laptop, "Yes, I am here dangit. I am trying to write my blog." Him, "Well, can you pick up one of the three walkie talkies there and test it?" Me, "Go outside far away and I will test it."

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Shannon said...

LOL! Ed is too funny! At least he is bloggable!

We bought Cody walkie talkies one year only to find out later, Christmas, they were illegal (his model not all) due to the frequency it broadcast at, something about being the same bandwidth as 911. Why the hell sell them if that was the case? That was a Christmas present that sucked!