Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh, and another thing........

After our crazy, low-budget family Christmas picture yesterday we did make it to the piano recital where my kids performed fabulously (yes, I am prejudice). It was so worth all the fussing to see them play in the mall in front of strangers..........who clapped for them! Proud Parent Moment.

Then we saw Santa in the restroom. Bonus. I am a mean mom (in case you haven't been able to tell from my blog) and we do not wait six hours to see Santa. So, it worked out perfectly. Course, Malcolm was suspicious that Santa takes a leak, Sofia said it was icky, Corina was creeped out (as I was), and baby screamed through most of it. But, I can rest easy. Got my kids to the recital on time AND saw Santa.

But, lest I believe I am reverting back to Perfect Parent, yesterday was breakfast with Santa and not only did I not have all my kids - they weren't quite dressed. Years past I would have tediously groomed them for the occasion. This year I wanted to get there before Santa had packed it up and gone back to the North Pole. So, Malcolm is wearing an eclectic outfit, Sofia looks like a Christmas doll, and Corina has jeans and a shirt and some funky socks because she tore her pantyhose and therefore decided she couldn't wear the Christmas dress. But, they look awesome. They are so happy and all smiling and they are CUTE. I love it. It could be the best Christmas picture they've ever taken......oh, wait.........except for the one kid that's missing. ;o)


Shannon said...

YOur pictures all came out nice. I am impressed, although I have to say Corrina looks quite irritated to be stuffed in a dress and tights. The look on her face is like "Just get this over with all ready!"

Colin broke me of the matching outfits. I would dress them, he would disappear and return wearing a plaid shirt and striped shorts or something equally hideous. HIs latest thing is deliberately mismatched socks. at least those don't show much.

Jae said...

Your Christmas pic came out great! And Corina isn't looking dreadful (read the post below), tho I'll admit she surely don't look happy either! ;)

Now I want to see pictures of Breakfast w/Santa. :) As you know, my darlin' daughter is famous for not matching, so I will be able to relate w/that pic! :)