Tuesday, December 22, 2009

And a 'slimmer" too??? Virginia, there IS a Santa.

This is a post script to my last post. I ventured out today again for a red church shirt/blousy thingie because I am determined.......and stupid. It was rush hour, but I had my hair pulled back, make-up on, easy off clothes and I was bound to find some dang clothes from this century. So, I went to TGMax - or however you spell that - I am dead dog tired right now. It was productive. I found a great pair of jeans, a very cute RED short sleeve sweater turtleneck, and a white shirt that fit. Great. Then I saw the line of one million people and promptly put all the stuff back.

On to Ross. OMG. It was awful. It looked like a tornado hit. I walked in one door and out the other.

Then on to Old Navy. They had workers unpacking the spring collection. Right out the door. So I gave up. I went across the street to Target to buy one last gift for my man's kitchen.

And it was there that I HIT THE JACKPOT. I can't even tell you what I bought for not very much money. And I found a little thing I knew nothing about (did I say I was not very smart when it comes to fashion?). Now I am no stranger to spanks. They are my friend. But, did you know spanks now are built in to clothes??? Sweet. I thought the skirt I tried on was defective. But no. It was these spanks built right in. They are built into my shirt and dress, too. I may never diet or watch what I eat again.

Santa came early this year, my friends. He's hanging out at Target and he looks like black biker shorts. ;o)


Shannon said...

I KNOW I have told you about spanx! How the heck do you think I fit into ball gowns? Also love/miss Target. My very favorite summer dress I found on sale at Target. Now we just need pictures of you in new clothes!

Jae said...

Oh yeah baby! I love that Target has those new skirts and dresses! Saw them about a month ago - WANTED so badly to buy me some, but was broke - poor poor poor! I will check out YOURS tonight and then get me some in the new year! Spanx rocks!!!