Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 1 and the honeymoon in this house is OVER

You know all those stay-at-home moms who can't wait for school to start again? They count the days down like we were waiting for Christmas or Hawaii? Well, I am not one of those. Never have been. Give me summer over school any day and I will thank you kindly. And I say to all "those moms," "IS THE HONEYMOON OVER PEOPLE??????????????" Hello! Count down to summer has begun in this house thank you very much. Let me give you a run down of our basic life of September (and I will try not to make it a list, although it is calling list, list, list - so rather you will get a sloppily strung together explanation of it all).

Homework stinks. "Too much!", "I don't know how", Ed can't do first grade math, "Teacher said not to do it that way," and on, and on. Do first and second graders need homework?

We are all teetering on the edge of the swine flu or malaria, or some such health sucking disease. Everyone at school is sick. Don't go to the doctor unless you are dying because you WILL come home sick. Get a flu shot, but when? If you miss school you will get "your pants taken off" for having an absence. If you go after school you will have to wait (with all the other sick or not sick people) for 100 hours. Then you will have the stinking flu, so WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE???

Getting up early stinks. The dog-days of summer are gone and I seriously miss them. Schedule, schedule, schedule. What the heck? Go to bed so you can get up. AND don't complain about it.

My kindergartener hates school. Teacher threw away her paper, Angela doesn't do her work and gets her bee moved, there are no friends at recess - well just the one boy-who-goes-to-the-principal-but-just-sometimes.

Baby is in a funky stage of Don't Want To Nap But Need One Or Else I Am Devil Baby. This results in mom (that would be me) having to carry her around from about 2:00 - 6:00. Oh, wait. Isn't that when we have to eat dinner to stay on our schedule? Yes, it is. Which requires me to MAKE dinner. I am getting good at doing this while holding said cranky baby.

Boy child has taken to misbehaving. This has resulted in me wondering (and I am so sorry to all the divorced people who might read this) (okay, who am I kidding - I am the only one reading and I am still married), "When a kid wonders if it's his or her fault if his parents get divorced, what's the PC thing to say IF IT IS?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Seriously. If he brings home one more conduct mark I might have to move out. ;o) Just kidding, but it did make "the list."

So friends............................ not only can I not wait for summer '10, I am counting it down, baby. COUNT ON IT.


Shannon said...

Oh girl I soooo totally hear you! Lately I have started thinking would it be so bad to homeschool? Get up when we want, work when we want, take a break when we want. I am so tired of having school control the home life. After all as adults we work hard to (mostly) leave work at the office and relax in our off time. Why can't kids do the same.

Jae said...

You, my dear friend, have a lovely way with words! Honestly ... :) You should read my Aunti M's blog sometime (when she's not being too "religious" heh heh heh!); she, like you and Shannon, is hilarious, articulate, and poetic. :)

I hear you on all of this. You and I are suffering school together, just in different ways. Everyone LOVES school, including me. But we ALL have the flipping flu, and yes, all three of my kids will lose their GD P.A.N.T.S. because of this. Pisses me off. As if I could keep the flu from them? I think school is where we got it!

Here - homework "is haaarrrrdddd Mama", reading is "tooooooooooooo much" or "was that 20 minutes" (after just 3 minutes); and folder marks, well only Liam has gotten those, 2, and he's NEVER EVER gotten one before in his life! LOL! And he always blames someone else. Ah ha ha! They're coming to take me away ... ho ho, hee hee, ha ha ... (and you know they are!) ... All I can say for my home, homework, schedules and such, is THANK GOD FOR RHIANNA. Thank you God. Thank you, thank you! She never complains, does her homework, gets AWESOME grades, and is just generally amazing (if you don't count the fact that making her a lunch she'll eat is a nightmare). :-D

Sorry ... delete my tome if this was too long! :p