Friday, September 25, 2009

Star Student? Well, you are in my eyes.

Sofia tends to obsess on things a little much, and she is a DRAMA QUEEN. So, it should have been no surprise that she take the Star Student awarding today with much fanfare. I just was a little surprised and quite amused by how much attention she has drawn to this event. Star student is awarded to different students (every student gets a chance lest it become competitive and hurt their self esteem) in kinder and first grade every week - beginning with the "most" star student (I guess). The said star student gets to do different fun things during the week and is basically treated like a public school rock star. Hmm. Okay, well, it's fun for kinder and first grade students, presumably. Well, last year in kindergarten Sofia waited patiently for the award and became star student in about January. So, apparently there were many other students who were more "star" than her, but still she was more "star" than a few others. This is, by the way, very close to her exact description of the situation last year. Well, this year she is far wiser and much more eloquent. So, since the first week of school Ed and I have been hearing about the star student count down. Today the teacher picks the very first star student. She started obsessing on it Monday when it was announced. So....let's see. Everyday she has prayed that she is named the first star student and mom has prayed that we all be delighted and proud of the child who is named star student (while Sofie frowns and gives an ugly face to my prayer). Everyday she has excitedly giggled when announcing to us all (in case we have forgotten), "This Friday teacher will name the first star student." Everyday she has reinterated the reasons why she deserves to be the first star student. And everyday we have talked to her about why we will be excited for whoever is named star student. Do you get the picture? Well, this morning thinking we might be done (since today is the day afterall) with all the drama, anticipation, explanation, and everything else...Sofia announced when I walked into her room to wake her up, "Guess what I dreamed last night, mom." Me, "I have no idea, what? (I, obviously had not had my first cup of coffee)" Sofia with a grin larger than life, "I dreamed I was named the first star student!"


Jae said...

AND .... drum roll, she was! Oh she's so smart and SO intuitive! :) Love that little girl from the first time she scowled at Steve! ;) Yay Sofie!!!!!

Shannon said...

Sophie is too funny! Did she get it? Give her a hug from us. Miss you all.