Tuesday, October 1, 2013

If you are in front of the bus, do not turn right (or something like that).

Some signs are jacked up, right?  I mean driving is pretty simple, but some signs are just nuts.

Well, when I read, "NO RIGHT TURN IN FRONT OF THE BUS," which is the sign that is on the back of every city bus in our fine city, I have always figured that's pretty straightforward. 

Until this.

Boy Child (in the Yukon Cornelius - behind a city bus):  Mom, I've never understood that sign, "NO RIGHT TURN IN FRONT OF THE BUS."

Me:  What's not to understand?  You can't turn right in front of the bus.

Boy Child:  I get that.  But, why?

Me:  Um.  Duh.  Because the bus will smack you?

Boy Child:  Huh?


Boy Child:  How?  I don't get that.

Me:  (While driving because it's safe to take both hands off the wheel if you are trying to illustrate a dangerous driving technique with your hands...........while driving.)  Okay.  Look.  Pretend my left hand is our truck and my right hand is the bus.  So, here we are driving and I go to make a right turn in front of the bus.  And, BAM.  The bus smacks me.  Now do you get it?

Boy Child:  OOOOOOOOOOOH!  I have always thought that NO RIGHT TURN IN FRONT OF THE BUS meant that if you were driving in front of the bus you could never make a right turn.  Get it?  And like how would you ever be able to get where you were going?  Y'know like pretend my left hand is us..............

Me:  I get it.  But if that were the scenario how would you even be able to read the sign.

Boy Child:  Good point.
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Shannon said...

Annnnddd this is why they have to wait until 16 to get a license to drive. Personally I think it should be a lot older than that! Soooo glad we were in Germany when Cody turned 16 had to be 18 there to drive. Worked for me!!

Nomads By Nature said...

Yukon Cornelius seems to spark a lot of intellectual wonderings. Any chance you have a possessed car?

LSS said...

I used to be so baffled by the signs that said "DO NOT PASS" and I would think "What? Don't pass the sign?" and of course we would drive right past! Huh??!!

Monica said...

@Shannon - I know few 20 year old men that can drive well. and now that I am "old" I think I have every authority to say that (with complete authority). @nomads - the Yukon Cornelius is kind of mind transporting automobile. it's quite fascinating and when he dies he might have a book written about him. @LSS - I am hoping that the confusion to which you are referring did not occur recently? if so, I might consider revoking your license. ;o)

Gorilla Bananas said...

But if you can read the sign you're behind the bus, so you won't be able to make a right turn in front of it. (That's what I would have said if I were your son).

Monica said...

@gorilla bananas - you two would hit it off great! ;o)

Anonymous said...

I actually knew where he was going before the punchline because I've thought the same thing. I mean, I realized that's not what it meant - eventually - but that thought did cross my mind. It took a right turn and I slammed right into it.

Monica said...

@whatimeant2say - yes. as much as I may not want to admit it, he has some good points. he's a very concrete thinker. I guess?

Megly Mc said...

Yeah....I thought the same thing when I was younger. It's amazing that I've never been in an accident with a bus...or that I've ever made a right turn.

Organic Hispanic said...
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monica said...

so, now i'll post the same comment as myself. damn it. @meglymc - it's comforting to know that people can relate to his thinking - people as witty and clever as you and whatimeant2say (not complete numbskulls - because that would not be comforting at all). this gives me tremendous hope. now, to just get through the rest of his middle and high school years without stabbing myself.