Friday, October 11, 2013

Short list.

1.  It's October 11 and I am still trying to decide on a costume.

2.  Despite the pile of prints, the uncertainty of the future, the fact that Boy Child has developed a high schooler's attitude while just starting middle school, and my ridiculously early "winter" weight gain, I am trying to be fully in the Spirit (the Halloween Spirit).

3.  We are trying to spend money only on "essentials" right now due to some business dealings we will have in the near future.  I am trying to convince hubby that this crazy person at Spirit Halloween  (for the low, low price of $99) is an "essential."

4.  Why can't money grow on trees?

5.  Would it be weird to ask hubby for this guy for Christmas? 

6.  I listened to my first book on tape.  It was Water For Elephants which I have been trying to read since 2006.  I know I'm late to the party - but it is a fabulous book.  If you haven't read it - do it as soon as possible.  But, here's the thing.  Listening to any book on tape (not like in a car on a cross-country trip) would probably make me feel old.  This particular book made me feel ancient.  (And blind.)

7.  Having children much later in life is not without its awkward embarrassments.  Every time I have been up to the middle school I see parents that I mistake for students.  So, I can only imagine they are mistaking me for the grandparent?  (Don't answer that.)

8.  I felt mildly successful that I had convinced my entire family to go scary for Halloween this year.  It's always been my dream, but it's never happened before.  Partly because it's difficult (and possibly traumatizing?) to convince a three and then four year old that she wants to be a zombie and not a princess.  But, now that she's FIVE she totally consented to being a zombie witch.  I'm not even sure what that is, but when she asked me today if her face could be painted pink instead of white with blood (which is what I told her it would be) I said, "Um.  No." 

9.  After all my diligence and persuasion in convincing my whole family to go scary, my kids have been singing this incessantly for about two weeks.  Now I kinda want our family to be this for Halloween:  

Damn the internet for trying to screw with my dreams.

10.  Since Halloween is my favorite holiday and our dogpuppy aims to contradict me every chance he gets, it totally figures that he's scared of Halloween decorations.  I have to drag him by this guy

Just a dead guy with his head in his hands.  No big.

to take him on a run everyday and when I do he first looks at me like this:

"Mother!  Save me from the dead guy!  Oh, and I HATE HALLOWEEN!"

And then quickly crosses behind me in order to get as far away from the dead guy as possible.  As much as I am beginning to love this dog if he can't learn to love Halloween and all it's gore soon, he may have to move out.

Keep your spirits up guys and try not to eat all the candy before Halloween.


Anonymous said...

It must be time to throw out the remainder of LAST year's Halloween candy!!!

Shannon said...

I FORGOT to order costumes in time. In case there was any doubt Halloween is NOT my favorite time to be overseas. I miss making my yard all creepy with umpteen dozen jack-o-lanterns and my own little pet cemetery. And YES I do still have all those tomb stones, they are sitting in storage in Maryland somewhere and I want them back. So anyway I failed to plan ahead for halloween so my kids will be wearing the same zombie costumes for the THIRD year in a row. SIGH!!!! If you have any extra Halloween candy feel free to send it to me, I will happily eat it all up!

monica said...

yes, time to throw away last year's candy.......or, give it out. ;o) @Shannon - boo. I loved those tombstones. we still talk about them. you should have just left them with us and you could have them back when you move back in. ;o) most likely I will be wearing all the Halloween candy the next time you see me (around my stomach). ;o)

Megly Mc said...

Ha! My daughter wanted for her and the boys to all go as foxes, because of Yelvis, but every time she googled "fox costumes" wasn't ones that she or I were comfortable with her wearing. :)

Monica said...

@meglymc - I had the EXACT problem. especially since in my mind hubby was going to be the fox. ;o) #awkward

Team Suzanne said...

I really dislike that fox song.

monica said...

oh, @team Suzanne, I think hearing it 1000 times before breakfast *might* make you like it.

Nomads By Nature said...

Have you checked out the Halloween Lights to What Does the Fox Say on youtube. New Classic!!

Monica said...

@nomads - ha! just checked it. you are right - new classic.