Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thanks, hubby. Now we are all gonna die.

So, we celebrated our twenty-third wedding anniversary by going to see The Conjuring - a horror movie *based on fact*.  Because what says enduring love like that?

No spoiler alerts, but it's one of those movies about demonic possession that could happen.  Think The Exorcist, Insidious, Amityville Horror (all those happened just like the movie showed, right?).  And, like all horror movies it has a really scary doll in it along with a seemingly harmless childhood game (clap and find which is like hide-and-seek) that turns into an invitation to terror.

My personal creed after seeing movies like this is to not really "discuss" them or think much about them because I don't want to incite the demons.  Y'know?  Perfectly rationale.

But, it doesn't matter, y'all.  The demons are here and I didn't even open my mouth.

Hubby had the nerve (it's like he's screaming, "Come and get me.  I'm not scared.") to text me this yesterday: 
He texted it, so that means he was with it.  You are in imminent danger, hubby.
I nearly $hit my pants.

Then (after I had only semi-recovered from that) last night after making a running leap into my bed and quickly covering up with my blankets, I finally fell asleep.  ONLY to be awakened by Girl 3.

Girl 3:  Mommy, I'm scared.

Me:  Of what?

Girl 3:  I was playing hide and seek in a big box in my dream and it was really scary.  Can I sleep with you?

Perfect.  You guys - I'm sure my days are numbered.


Gretchen said...

I CAN NOT watch stuff like that! And dolls are scary! Have you walked into a house with a doll collection? Terrifying!

Monica said...

@Gretchen - dolls are creepy. I have actually been to an antique store that specialized in dolls. I almost had to be committed afterward because I thought i'd lost my mind. it. was. terrifying. I do love the scary, horror, suspense, murder movies though. they are my favorite kind. although TODAY one of my kids framed photos FLEW off the wall unexpectedly and I about had a heart attack (of course, that happens in The Conjuring, too).

Nomads By Nature said...

Happy (belated) anniversary! I guess The Conjuring *could* be a romantic outing as it would most likely ensure a lot of hand holding and burying ones head in the other's neck frequently, if not for all the wrong reasons. Just be happy that the only 'adult' movie out there on your big day wasn't "THIS IS THE END". It's the one 'not kid' movie we went to see while home in the States, and despite laughing hysterically with some parts there was so much that just wasn't what right looked like that we left feeling like we might be going to hell for just being in the theater and giggling at parts. Seriously. We were totally shell shocked and can't discuss the movie to this day.

Gretchen said...

I've got a bone to pick with you missy! Stephan and Rosa are James's parents? Whaaaaat? Where did that come from? That is an example of one of those books where the author pulls something out of his butt at the last minute.

I hope you get locked into a room with a thousand dolls giving you a gimlet eye.
Besides that, I liked the book. The scene in the church between the minister and Teddy made me laugh out loud.

Monica said...

@Gretchen - CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? I was just as shocked as you and there was no WAY I could let that slip when telling you to read the book. ;o) I laughed AND cried a few times while reading that one. I really, really liked it. glad you liked it, too. @nomads - hahahaha! seth rogan? say. no. more. that is a pretty funny choice, but at least you could laugh?

Megly Mc said...

I've made an adult decision to never see that movie, because I will never sleep again. I will, however, piss my pants so often that I will become permanently impervious to both jellyfish and athlete's foot.

Monica said...

@meglymc - coincidentally, I watched "paperboy" last night and was reminded of the whole jellyfish/urine thing when Nicole kidman pisses on zac efron. and I made a personal vow to pee myself more (just not in the movie theater, or when i'm getting a text, or when all the photos in my house fly off the walls, or $hit like that).

Megly Mc said...

I'm 90% positive that urine doesn't work as well as holy water in a possession scenario, but I'm not a priest, so what do I know? :)

Monica said...

@megly mc - well, if urine DID work as holy water in demon exercising acts, I think we'd all be covered. see what I did there? ;o) am I the only one snickering?

Megly Mc said...

I feel really lame for writing this...but write something, please so I can more efficiently stalk you. That's not weird, right?'s weird...I'm weird. I'll shut up now.

Monica said...

@megly mc - it's weird, but not half as weird as the fact that when I read that someone actually wants me to write something so that they can stalk me I kinda feel like a unicorn farting rainbows. oh, and lest you think i'm not stalking you - I am. I just don't read harry potter, so I can't effectively comment. (don't hate me.)

Claire Lopez said...

My niece wants to see that movie and my husband hates them, so I guess I get to go. Yikes!

Monica said...

@Claire - it's a pretty good movie as scary movies go. just be prepared to make running leaps into your bed for about a month afterward. ;o) thanks for the read and comment

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