Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordfull Wednesday

As you know I am addicted to reading blogs.  Blogs that interest me either keep me in touch with friends that have moved, make me laugh a lot, or are just plain interesting.  A blog I have enjoyed lately is Adventures in Self Reliance.  I don't laugh easily and often times I find myself chuckling out loud at my computer reading about her kids' antics.  I also love that she is disciplined enough to write regularly and to have special "features."  I love her feature "Overheard" just listing funny things she's overheard during the day.  If you are a mom, this is definitely worth your read and bound to make you laugh. 

It prompted me to start writing down amusing things I have heard my kids say either to me or to each other.  My attempt will not be nearly as consistent or as funny as hers, and I questioned even publishing it.  But, I am publishing today because it is hump day during the summer and you may just need a reason to make it through the rest of the week.  For a more extensive laugh to get you through - check out Adventures in Self Reliance's latest "Overheard" - you won't be disappointed that you did. 

Here goes my attempt and hope it helps!  (And hubby made this list too because he often makes me laugh out loud.)

Easter Sunday - S. to her sister, C. regarding a black jelly bean, "Do not eat that one.  That is the basil one."
C. (with a pensive look on her face) - "But, I like basil.  How come the black ones taste so yucky?"
S. (because she is older therefore wiser) - "Because we only like basil on pasta, not in candy."

M. at dinner - "Mom, remember that kid I told you about, Joshua?"
Me - "Mmm-hmm."
M. - "He had surgery."
Me - "Surgery???  For what???"
M. - "He had his dependence taken out."
Me - "His dependence?"  (Thinking - Wow, that's gotta hurt.)
M. - "Well, it sounds like dependence, but it's in your body."
Me - "Ah.  I think that would be his appendix."
M. - "Yeah!  That's the one."

S- Mom, I cannot be in that small spot because I am acrobatic.
Me - Acrobatic? 
S - Does that mean you can't get in small spaces?
Me - No....that would be CLAUSTROPHOBIC.

M. - Mom, you know my Superheroes game on my DSI?
Me - Yes.
M. - Well, you know how one of the super powers is the guy can gravitate?
Me - (Thinking about gravitate.)
M. - Like he gets higher and higher and you can go under him?
Me - Ah.  Do you mean levitate?
M. - YES!

Hubby - Oops. Instead of Linkedin I typed Kinkedin.

Me - Wow. You are coming up with a whole new type of social networking, eh?
Hubby - Naw. From what I'm seeing, that one's already covered.
Me - Nice.

Happy Hump Day!


Josee said...

Hilarious! Having your dependence taken out sounds like a big break for mom!

So glad I could inspire you! Thanks for the promoting me, too! I just love what kids say (and even husbands). Someone told me this weekend, "You just can't make this stuff up." And you really, really can't!

Monica said...

@josee - no kidding, right? when it comes to raising kids - truth is stranger than fiction!!!