Thursday, April 7, 2011

Not a total waste of time...

Hello again.  It's been awhile.  Not much how 'bout you?  Blah.  Okay, done with that 70's song.  ;o)  If you didn't get that, don't worry.

I am just going to check in briefly (because the stack of prints on my desk - which I can scarily see from here - is downright FRIGHTENING) to tell you..............BABY IS POTTY TRAINED.  I have NOT been doing jack..........rabbit.  I have been POTTY TRAINING A VERY STUBBORN AND THICK HEADED TWO YEAR OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can I get an amen???

You might ask (and if you do - bite your tongue) potty trained "Officially?"  Or "just a phase?"  And my answer is:  I don't know and I don't care.  I have not changed a pee diaper in about five days and I am ecstatic.  AND......hold on to your horses now..........she POOPED tonight on the potty (as opposed to the floor, the carpet, the concrete slab out back, her beautiful new panties, her old training panties, the neighbor's front yard, etc., etc.).

So, all this time I've been away, my friends, I was not drinking margaritas living the high life.  I was busy dealing with............well.......................pee and poop.  It's that simple.  AND (if you've ever potty trained a two year old) it's that...........complicated.  My life these past few weeks has been reduced to the bare necessities.  I have been unable to blog, run errands, exercise (well, only in brief 20 minute spurts), or basically be away from the princess potty (which stopped working about three weeks after we bought it) for more than a few minutes.  Now, I can begin to ease back into normal life.

So, want to know my secret?  Why did it all of a sudden work for me?  Did I get back my nazi mojo?  Well, no.  I had to resort to new tactics this time around.  Baby now has a weird concept of tiny marshmellows actually being FOR going potty.  But, I am too happy to care about its possible mental implications.  Funny sidenote:  I left her home with dad one full day and he gave her the large marshmellows everytime she peed.  Say what???  I promptly told baby that those marshmellows were only for roasting the smaller ones were for potty.  Daddy got it wrong.

AND baby also does not want to spend vacation with grandpa and auntie (sorry, grandpa and auntie).  Hmm.  That's weird, too, right?  Well, not really.  See when I booked our summer vacation to Great Wolf Lodge I told her that there were no diapers allowed there and that if she was not potty trained she would have to stay with grandpa and auntie.  MIRACULOUSLY she started a full fledged effort the next day.  ;o)  Should I start a potty training boot camp?  I just might.


Shannon said...

Hmmm...I remember some distinctly condescending remarks concerning a jar of mini M&Ms that resided in my bathroom during potty training Zo and Colin. Do you want to reconsider? ROTFLMAO!

Thank GOD I had the good sense to hire Dwi in Jakarta and she potty trained Grayson, don't know how and really I don't care!

Monica said...

oh, shannon. i am so sorry.........AGAIN. my parenting has largely been reduced to: are you dressed? and sometimes not even that. ;o) i WISH dwi could have potty trained baby. AND i am so thankful we are done.....well....i am smart enough to not hold my breath. ;o) xoxoxoxo.

jamiew said...

as Lily Belle might say
Lainy is officially my favorite DelaCruz today

Jae said...

Woot! Woot! Yay Baby! Love that lil' girl!

I would like to take credit for this as well, as she used the potty at my house - for chocolate. :-D Then again, I potty trained my three with bribes of candy, stickers and a promise of a "date" with just mama @ Chuck E. Cheese.

Shannon said...

Oh girl No apologies needed, I am just enjoying the demise of the potty training nazi!

Raylea said...

Can I send my 3yo to your bootcamp for a few days? And are there really people you can hire to do that?

Monica said...

@raylea - well, i recently found out that a local woman gets paid $200/head (literally) to be called The Lice Doctor and to basically confirm that your kids have lice and tell you to buy olive oil at costco and comb the nits out. so..........i think people would pay me to potty train their kids. ;o) although, my name The Potty Training Nazi MIGHT need a little work. ;o) send me your 3 year old and i'll see what i can do. ;o)