Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Love Story? No, I don't do that.

At the risk of reading like a Hallmark "romantic" card, my post today will be about my hubby.  Blech.  I know.  I will try not to be too sappy.

I cannot remember ever writing about him - even though sometimes I think he is convinced that my blog is some twisted rant about married life with him???  AND, I don't think he's ever actually read the blog, so I should be safe.

It's not going to be long....just two reasons why I am still married after 20 years.  And, mainly I am doing this for posterity (huh? - look it up.).  So that when I am stinkin' mad at him (like, possibly later today), I can go back and read this post and remember that I really do like him.  ;o)

1.  Baby is a stink pot at the BMX track.  And, I can't say I blame her.  It's not Chucky Cheese for a two year old.  It is dirty, dusty, filled with sweaty older kids, and not-much-fun.  So, we usually are at the track Thursdays when there is no school Friday.  This morning I told hubby that I wasn't going to the track tonight.  He said, "Aw, man." 

He likes me to go to the track (I think) even though sometimes we don't say anything to each other the entire time we are there, or sit next to each other???  I know.  I don't understand it either, but I will take that as a compliment. 

I said, "I have too much to do."

Now, here's where the "like" comes in.  He has seen me sit on my a$$ all week and watch TV, blog, be on Facebook, randomly find things that need to be done (other than my actual work), and basically Procrastinate Like Only I Can.  AND yet, this is what he says,

"I'll take baby to the track with me tonight so you can work.  I just won't practice or race.  I'll just watch baby." 

He says this without the least bit of sarcasm in his voice.

SAY WHAT???  Wow!  He would watch our stink pot baby at the track for three plus hours while the older three ride and race and baby gets filthy dirty, whines for a "fish stick" (which we finally figured out last Saturday means "popsicle" - I know, she's weird), and tries her best to find new parents???  While he knows all the while I have procrastinated ALL WEEK and am staying home under the guise of "having too much to do"???  Yeah!  I like this guy!

Reason Number 2.  And this one is more serious, so try not to throw up and I will do the same.  He has the most generous heart of anyone I know (except possibly, Jesus or Mother Teresa).  Which I am finding (the older I get) is really, really hard to come by in this materialistic world of instant gratification.  I will not tell you what he did on the Internet, because he wouldn't like that.  So far, I think he has only told me.  But yesterday he was in one of those situations where any other person that I can think of would have just walked away and pretended they couldn't do anything to help.  Instead, he made a simple decision (for him) which was - basically - I have all I need right now, and this person doesn't.  So, I am going to give this person what he needs to make it through this moment.  Sounds easy, but I don't think it is.  He not only is generous he is generous without expectation, without judgment, and without announcing his generosity through updating his profile status (if he had one). 

If I was into mush and gush, PDA, and love I would end with "I love that guy."  Lucky for you I am not into those things.

There is a man and a family out there who could rest much easier last night, and there will be one dirty, bored, mischievous baby at the track tonight. 

Hubby - thank you!


jamiew said...

I'm glad you love him. Most of us just tolerate him. Some of us might really like him, most of the time. ;0)

Smallbits said...

Loved this. What a great guy.

Shannon said...

He really is such a great guy! We are both such lucky gals, I think we have the best husbands ever.

Monica said...

@jamiew - yes, some tolerate him. hell - most of the time I tolerate him. ;o) at becky and shannon - i have signed him for another year. ;o)

Shannon said...

I signed David on for another year but if he extends to a fourth year here in Malawi all bets are off!