Friday, August 20, 2010

Meet the TEACHER.............and one man.

We met Them last night. All three of them. We are going to experience a first for our family. S was the lucky winner and drew a MALE teacher. For an extremely shy and quiet second grade GIRL this can apparently be quite traumatic. He seems lovely (I know - not quite an adjective for a man, but I am only on my second cup of coffee so..................give me a break.) and funny. He attempted humor with S. Which, if you know S you know that it takes her about..........................two years to warm up to a person, so this humor failed miserably. But, it put me more at ease, and I had to hand it to him for trying. She put on a happy (and I write that to mean - she wasn't flat-out crying) face and made it through the rest of the teachers (her sister's and brother's), bravely weathered the BMX track, then promptly broke into a gush of tears upon arriving home.

Her first explanation of the tears was, "I just don't understand why Ms. T. (first grade teacher who she LOVED) cannot be my teacher again!" I told her that typically that doesn't happen. I then told her that I bet she would end up really liking her new teacher, and that having a male teacher was not the end of the world, and could quite possibly be a rewarding life-changing experience. I told her that in fifth grade I had my first male teacher and I ended up loving his class. To this she countered, "He's a boy, mom," through her tears. No argument there. "Yes, he is a boy, baby. But, not all boys are bad, right?" And to this a tearful, "Well........most of them are." Hmm. That's when I sent in the Big Guns. Her dad. At least he got her to stop crying. And even giggle a teensy bit. So, point proven. Not ALL boys are bad.........................Right?

As for the boy child. He seems to have landed a teacher who genuinely likes kids, is energetic and who seems to have discipline secured under her hat. Perfect for what he needs. And, as for the tiny girl SHE has won a gem. We are repeat offenders for her first grade teacher. A wonderful teacher who LOVES teaching and LOVES kids...........of all kinds. My baby girl is in for the treat of her life. I am SOOOOOOOOO happy about that.

As for the man. The jury is still out. I am confident that he is a wonderful teacher. Convincing my S of this is another matter. Winning her over may just take all year. Or, longer. ;o) Good luck Mr. D!

And THREE more days of summer freedom (not that I'm counting)! Enjoy, my friends.


Raynbo said...

Remind S of her favorite uncle, John, teaching kinder and then second grade!

Erin said...

I love the way you write! What a gift! And I loved all my male teachers, few that there were. We also, had tears with the teacher postings last night...let's pray for the best!

Jae said...

Love this post!!! I'm so sorry S was sad! She get Mr. D or Mr. K? D is laid back and easy; K is more strict, yet kind and fun!

SO agree about M and L's new teacher!!! I'm so excited to have finally gotten her! Yay L and M!

And uh, it took S about 3 years to smile at Steve! So she's a slow warmer to males! LOL! (and boys DO have cooties M!)