Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How Do You Like Your Coffee?

With an IV, please. Hello, my name is Monica and I am addicted to coffee. What follows is a cautionary tale about coffee.

As my husband and children will tell you, you do not want to know me before I have my pot-o-joe in the morning. I am not very nice. Or smart. This particular morning is a prime example of what I would be without coffee.

Part 1: I woke up fairly happy and bushy-tailed (that should have been a red flag). I decided to get my famous banana breads baking while still drinking my first cup of coffee. I thought this was an amazingly great idea since I would be multi-tasking and done baking before the temps swelled to 180 degrees. Note to self: There are no good ideas before coffee. I am blogging this so that next time I have this bad idea - I will remember this post and know better. So, I proceeded to put the ingredients together for my delicious bread (the same one I have been making for 20 years) while drinking my first cup of coffee and fielding questions from four small people, breaking up early morning fights, putting something to eat on the table, and checking emails. Had I taken the time to drink the coffee first this would have been simple. Ugh. Hindsight.

Part 2: Apparently SUGAR is a necessary ingredient when baking. I wondered why the dough looked weird putting it into the pans, but BECAUSE the caffeine was not fully running through my veins I just thought, "Hmm. That's weird." Not - "YOU FORGOT THE SUGAR, FOOL."

Part 3: When I pulled the pans out of the oven I had had my full pot-o-joe and immediately I knew something was wrong. They looked like.................hard dough. Yuck. Who wants to eat that? It took me all of a few seconds to realize I had never put the sugar in. Fantastic. I now have three loaves of cooked banana and flour.

Moral of the story: When you are thinking of being productive and you've not had your fix, STOP. Get your fix, THEN be on your merry way.


Lucy said...

Oh, Moni ... remember "Baking per mamacita"
1. Get out all the ingredients and put them on the counter (this ensures you have everything!)
2. Follow recipe carefully, measuring, mixing and blending as proscribed
3. Put each ingredient away AS YOU USE IT ... this ensures you do not have anything "left over" at the end!!!
4. Wash all dishes while your items are in the oven baking.

Shannon said...

LOL! Maybe you could use those loaves a brcks in some project of Eddie's. Hope your day got better!