Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Point of No Return

This is printed on a sign at Niagra Falls. Near the sign there is a short narrative about the people who have crossed that point. Some in barrels, some not. And as I would come to know many times: some just in their minds.

The problem with secrets is that once you know one there is no going back to the state of not knowing. As much as you might not want to know - once you know you cannot magically erase the knowledge. And, there is the troublesome fact that truth is stranger and nearly always more fascinating than fiction. If I told you the secrets that I know you would think I was making them up. If I made up some secrets to tell you, you might think I was taking them from my own life. So, here they sit in my brain. Some of them eating away at the very tissue that is my conscious, some of them providing worthy script for my numerous daydreams. When the burden of the secrets is too much, I must remember that they are your secrets, not mine.