Friday, June 18, 2010


tending to become imperceptible; scarcely perceptible.

To you Life is a plan. As in What is the Plan? To me Life is a carefully designed and held box. Of memories. Both incredibly good and painfully bad. When we are here in the Present, it looks like we are together. But, I am hesitatingly unsure.


Shannon said...


Monica said...

am posting more of my actual writing rather than family stuff. just the mood i am in. may go back to the other. may not. am thinking of changing to another blog because i have a strange feeling i will not go back. ;o)

Shannon said...

See this is the difference between you and me. Your writing is like real literature and mine is more ....smut. LOL! I actually have another blog (under a different name and account) that I started to write on but an author whose blog told me that if I do manage to ever get a novel together the publishers won't publish it if it has been on a blog. So it has been sitting there unused and mostly unnoticed.

Monica said...

huh. that's interesting. even if it's been edited? i wonder what the reason is? because what about like the journalists that have blogs that are then published in their papers? let me know more about that. and you know i will always read what you write! i have often thought of just emailing a "reader" my posts!!!

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