Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hot Dogs, High Dives, and Happy Fourth of July

Well, I knew about hot dogs and the fourth, but who knew that Sofia would turn out to have more of her daddy's daredevil blood in her than I ever would have thought??? Our wonderful July 4th day started with the annual parade in Comfort, Texas. You ask, where is that? Never heard of it? And I answer, I am not surprised. It's a town of about 20 and grows to about 220 on the Fourth of July because of a sweet little down home Texas parade. It is quickly becoming a family tradition for us. It was about 810 degrees straight off the concrete, but we didn't melt and actually had a very good time.

Then it was a yummy BBQ at mom and dad's house. That was fun and of course I am so grateful for another July 4th with mom and dad! We had a very relaxing and great dinner. It is always great to spend time with mom and dad and to have the kids spend time with them and each time get to know and love them more. :o) Then we headed out to the pool for a swim. That's when things really got strange. Mom and dad graciously agreed to stay with Lainey so that Ed and I could actually swim with the big kids. We all had a great time swimming together. The kids were doing their usual thing - Malcolm being very cautious, Sofia mostly throwing caution to the wind, and Corina floating around in her tube.

Sofia since birth has always been the risk taker. When she started to walk she didn't care how many times she fell. She just wanted to try. But when it came to water and swimming it was a different thing. She was always brave, but never really a risk taker. Lately she had been saying that she wanted to jump in the "deep end". So, when we got to the pool I casually asked her at the pool if she wanted to jump in the deep end. She immediately said yes and was jumping in. Then she said she wanted to jump off the diving board. I was a little surprised but happy that she was being so brave. So, it was off to the diving board. Not to be outdone by his sister, Malcolm and Sofia both mastered the low dive.

The shock came when, after a few times off the low dive, Sofia said she wanted to try the high dive. (Too high even for mom.) I was shocked and speechless. Ed quickly shot me a "holy cow" look as Sofia scooted off to get in line for the high dive. I said to Ed rightfully panicked, "You better get down there with her if she's going off." Before her ascent, Ed explained to her that it's a one way ladder, and the only way down is through the water. This did not
faze her in the least. Up she went and down she came. She was ecstatic. And we were PROUD! :o) Our awesome day ended with a fireworks show seen from a parking lot off the highway close to our house. I am not looking forward to the day when the kids realize that you can actually plan to see the fireworks and GO to see them rather than catch them on the highway driving home. Although, that is so much more spontaneous and fun. :o) Thank you mom and dad for a GREAT day and Happy birthday USA!

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Shannon said...

I am already planning next summer so that I will be there in the heart melting along side you and enjoying the parade and hoping none of the children get run over by a tractor when they dive for the candy. Missing y'all!