Thursday, July 2, 2009

Five healthy lessons learned at the public pool

1. Breast enhancements remain upright long after the rest of the body begins to sag making for a totally unnatural and rather comical look.
2. Tats on young skin look MUCH different than tats on old skin (I hope. As in - I HOPE they didn't actually pay someone to do that to their skin). I am reassured in my decision to not ever get a tatoo.....anywhere.....saw a lot in a LOT of different places. ;o)
3. Cursing from an adult for no good reason in a public place is never attractive.
4. Sometimes less is less and more is more.
And Number 5....I saved the healthiest for last.....
5. I have spent WAY too much time obsessing about how unattractive I look in a bathing suit, and I will now stop. :o))))


Jae said...

So SO glad you shared this with the world! Everyone needs to know these lessons and insights - even I, with tats - G*d I hope they don't age worse than the rest of me! ;)

Shannon said...

LOL! Try hanging out at a European lake side where most women wear bikini's (sometimes only the bottom half at that) regardless of age, number of children birthed or sit-ups performed in the last decade. In case Eddie is reading this most men wear speedos rather than board shorts. 70 year old men in speedos *shrudder!.* Did wonders for my own self image! I am not looking so bad after all!