Monday, January 19, 2009

Yes, we did!

Well, I haven't blogged in a week because I have had so much to say, but really no way to put it all into words. I am really excited for this week. Today the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday - made extra special by tomorrow's historic nomination. We had planned on doing the march downtown, but when faced with the prospect of having the baby on the road for that much time with 100,000 other people, we decided to celebrate in our own way from home. After a bit of confusion last night on what a "march" was (Sofia thought it was like a drum line and was practicing her "march" around the house with a baton in hand) we settled down twice to listen to Dr. King on the laptop and again on NPR. The kids have heard the I Have a Dream speech many times. But part of the beauty of the speech is that no matter how many times you have heard the speech it can speak to you anew each time.

The inauguration promises to be an historic, special time again. And again, I would be remiss if I did not mention my parents. I am so thankful for them on this day. First because it is my birthday. ;o) Second, because they instilled in me a deep sense of patriotism - which I didn't recognize as patriotism for a long time - possibly until this year. They are fervent life-long democrats, but it wasn't a love for the democratic party that they passed on to me necessarily. It wasn't even an explicit love of country or patriotism. It was a sense of kinship with other people, a sense of helping others in need, and a sense of knowing that by exercising your vote you were participating in the one thing that could ultimately change the course of the country and consequently your life. My parents to this day (and daddy is 92!) are constantly helping other people, exercising their right to vote, and participating enthusiastically in the change our country is seeing. Sunday daddy told me that he would be in front of the TV all day on my birthday excitedly witnessing history in the making. This made me so happy and brought tears to my eyes because I know daddy and ma have witnessed such change in our country - daddy especially having been born in 1916 and lived through and experienced prejudice and change alike.

I would also be remiss not to mention Ed. He is so happy today after working so hard during the campaign. I am proud of him for being so passionate and motivating so many people to get involved. Happy day, Ed.

Lastly, today is my birthday. I am so happy with my kids, my husband, my awesome friends, and my family right now that I would prefer to live in this time forever. But alas I am growing old, and still scared doing it. If it is inevitable, I am happy at least that it is today. I have tried to impress upon my kids the significance of today. Not that it is my birthday, but that my birthday falls on this day which has such importance. I have big plans to watch TV all day. I already caught John Miles on TV in Washington. Yay Anna! How proud they must be. No presents today. After all, I got what I wanted! ;o)

So...that's all I have. Not much. A little corny, but heartfelt. Bear with me - God bless America! :o)


Shannon said...

Sorry forgot to say happy birthday when I talked o you. YEs I knew it was your birthday I just got caught up talking about Obama. I am such a dork. Happy Birthday one day late! You're what 29 (again)?

Jae said...

:-D It amazes me, how much your Dad must have seen ... mind-boggling!!! It was a great, great day!