Monday, February 10, 2014

Irony: When Facebook sends you an email pleasantly reminding you that you're slacking.

My sister knows me well.  That could be why she emailed me this a while back (presumably to help me out with my laziness and possible procrastination - or at least to help me laugh and understand it):

It's from Reader's Digest.  (In case I didn't already feel ancient and sloth-like.)
Of course, there are a million things I'd rather be doing than working out (or working or doing anything remotely useful). 

Mainly surfing the net, Facebooking, blog reading, book reading, eating, and sleeping.  These are also the things I do in place of blogging and posting my blog posts to my Facebook page.

Apparently Facebook knows me well, too.  Imagine my sheer bewilderment when they emailed me presumably to help me out with my laziness and procrastination:

Thanks, Facebook for the reminder that I've been wasting too much time Facebooking instead of blogging and posting my posts to my Facebook page. 


jamiew said...

Technology is a b*tch.

Cassandra said...

This was too funny. I too, would rather be doing any number of things besides working out, especially running. Running can suck it. (said the girl who is kicking it on a treadmill like 3-4 times a week)I loved the logarithm. It really rang true with me.

Monica said...

@jamiew - facebook is really good at calling the kettle black. is that racist? @Cassandra - is logarithm like flowchart? it sounds like it is but I am too lazy right now to google it. but, I will freely admit that I'm questioning the definition. if you are still reading (and have not abandoned me for my lack of vocabulary) - I liked the flowchart, too. it made me laugh out loud. what made me laugh out loud again (and cry a little) was that it came from reader's digest. um, hello old person humor.

Shannon said...

I tried to comment last night as I was sitting in my yoga pants and tank top trying to decide if I was going to do yoga (major back ache - it usually helps) or if I was going to drink a beer (major back ache - it usually helps).

For the record I did both, yoga first, although it might have been more fun for David to watch if I had done it in reverse order. The routine was revolved triangle which usually involves me falling on my a** at least once due to complete lack of balance. I can only image if I had a beer first.

I quit my Zulu sunrise on the beach Boot Camp workout because I am older than the hills and it caused a major flare up of bursitis in my hip and a nerve thingy in my back that hurts so much I want to vomit. I sort of remember that nerve thingy from pregnancy and really could have done without the reminder.

Fingers crossed it posts this time.

Monica said...

@Shannon - oh, friend. ain't old age grand? ;o) I went from torn rotator cuff to back pain to shooting leg pain and numbness to a SLOW reduction in pain every day. I might finally be back to "normal" over one year later. this has made exercising something I've not really been excited about. beer, on the other hand, has been amazingly tolerable. this summer we will have to walk/drink on a regular basis. ;o)

Shannon said...

Ohhh Walking and drinking AT THE SAME TIME! You are a genius.

Anonymous said...

LOL. I knew there was a reason I don't do FB. I give myself enough guilt trips all on my own. ~whatimeant2say

Monica said...

@whatimeant2say - I had this cartoon in my head (and if I wasn't so lazy - I've considered starting cartooning) of a bottle of whiskey with a bubble over it saying to the drunk laying on the table next to it, "hey, why don't you do something useful instead of drinking all damn day."

Anonymous said...

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