Wednesday, February 18, 2009

true stories

The van on the way to HEB:
Sofie: What do we have to buy?
Me: Cake mix and deodorant.
Sofie: Who is the deodorant for?
Me: Dad.
Malcolm: What's deodorant?
Sofie: I know what it's for (grinning).
Malcolm: What?
Sofie: It goes in your armpits (giggling).
Malcolm: (giggling) I know that, but what's it for.
Sofie: I'm not sure, but it's either for growing hair there or not growing hair there.'s for dad, so I guess it's for not growing hair there because he's got a lot of hair there.

true story. ;o)


Shannon said...

Gotta love those kids, the things they come up with!

Jae said...

heh heh heh!!! Sofia is a wise girly!!! :) and too dang cute.