Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Malcolm, star student?

Those of you who know Malcolm know that he can be quite obtuse. No, really? Well, he was star student this past week and amazed me even though I've known him for six years. He did an awesome job on his work only once commenting, "Mom, being star student is hard work." Quickly followed by, "But a lot of fun." He did all of the work by himself (resulting in a lot of phonetic reading, but hey, if you can't do that, what can you do???), and did not complain once. Thanks to his dad's political pull he was able to meet and be photographed with our district 7 rep, a state representative and a former mayoral candidate. And he did all this without totally embarrassing his mom by like picking his nose while shaking hands or something. I am blogging this so that later (like when he gets home from school in a few short hours) when he is whining and complaining about, oh, any number of things I can read this blog and remember how happy I was with his behavior only hours before. I am going to try to post pictures of his adventures with Mikey - the star student bear who travels with the star student during their weekend being star student. Enjoy and try to remember these pictures when Malcolm is torturing your children at the park.

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Shannon said...

Colin looked at the picture and said "Hey that's not fair Malcolm got to go in a police helicopter." Let's not consider that Colin has been sailing on the Sunda Straights, climbed a active (SMELLY) volcano, and has seen a real medieval castle. Kids!